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21.8 sqm

1 Queen Bed

Accommodates 1 to 2 person

1 Bedroom Villas

59-97 sqm

Custom arrangement of Queen, Double and Single Beds

Accommodates 4 to 7 person 

2 Bedroom Villas

180 - 252 sqm

Custom arrangement of Queen, Double and Single Beds

Accommodates 8 to 10 person

3 Bedroom Villas

photo villa1a (9).jpg
About Rouhi Retreats

Rouhi Retreats​, founded by Sharifah Alawiyah Alhabshi, a Kuala Lumpur-based architect in 2007, is nestled in the serene locale of Langkawi, Kedah. Reflecting Sharifah's passion for travel, architecture, interior design, and visual arts, Rouhi Retreats offers an enchanting collection of 12 villas that draw inspiration from Moroccan architecture while incorporating elements of traditional Malay houses. Additionally, some villas are designed in a local style that pays homage to Langkawi's tropical lifestyle.

Nestled within a lush, meticulously manicured garden, each villa at Rouhi Retreats exudes its own distinct charm and ambiance. The interior design boldly merges colonial antiques with cutting-edge modern furniture pieces and vibrant art, creating an eclectic fusion of styles. Completing the idyllic experience is a refreshing pool, enhancing the serene atmosphere of the retreat.

Rouhi Retreats warmly welcomes both short-term holidaymakers and those seeking longer stays, recognizing the diverse desires for quick getaways or extended rejuvenation. The retreat offers a haven of privacy and tranquillity, away from bustling crowds, yet conveniently close to a roundabout with access to roads leading in all directions. Within just 15 to 20 minutes, guests can effortlessly reach all the island's renowned attractions and experiences, ensuring they can fully explore and savour the best that Langkawi has to offer while enjoying the peaceful retreat at Rouhi.

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Welcome Breakfast

Enjoy your first breakfast on the house. Served at your terrace or in bed - a pure indulgence.


Breakfast & dinner are served upon request at your villa. Shared outdoor kitchen is at your disposal.


Each villa is equipped with  bed sheets and towels, bath gel and toilet paper are provided.


Each villa is surrounded by tropical vegetation & equipped with a personal outdoor BBQ pit.

Private Entrance

Each villa has a separate street or garden entrance for maximum privacy.

Free Wi-Fi

Fast and reliable Wi-Fi is available in each villa and throughout the property.

Air Conditioning

Each villa is equipped with AC, providing soothing cool in the tropics.

Work Station

Each villa offers a laptop friendly workspace with a comfortable chair.

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