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Planning a birthday party, anniversary celebration, a reunion or a company get-together?


Whether you would simply like to rent our event hall or wish to accommodate your guests in our villas overnight, we will be delighted to host your event and assist you with the set-up, decoration and catering to turn your vision into reality. 

photo exterior (82).jpg

The spacious 7m x 16m event hall can accommodate up to 80 guests. With a beautifully manicured tropical garden all around, you may want to add an al fresco section for the perfect outdoor party experience. 

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Artist Residence

In love with art ever since she was a little girl, the Rouhi Retreat's founder Sharifah became a Patron of the Arts, creating within the resort a gallery and launching an International Artist Residence Program.

Welcoming aspiring artists from all over the world, she allocated an apartment above the gallery as a permanent Artist Residence - providing visiting artists with a beautiful, inspiring environment and the opportunity to completely focus on their creation without having to worry about the mundane. Their art will be displayed in the on-site gallery, with resort guests and invitees attending the opening ceremony of the exhibition having the opportunity to purchase art pieces they fall in love with. 



Are you a painter, sculptor, photographer, or maybe a jewelry maker? Whatever your artistic passion, and wherever you are from, your application is welcome!

Please submit a motivational letter, share with us examples of your work and specify what project you would like to work on while staying with us. 

Depending on the nature of your project you may be eligible to stay with us at no cost for the duration of 3 months . 


Staying with us for holidays? You will not be the first guest to leave inspired to rediscover a long forgotten love for photography, drawing or craft making. 

Stroll through our gallery, strike a conversation with the resident artist and observe him as he daringly splashes vibrant colors on the canvas or molds from clay a stunning sculpture. Make sure you don't miss the weekly get-togethers where the artist talks about his passion to create and shares inspiring insider tips.

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