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Group Retreats

Looking for a peaceful, inspiring hideaway to host your meditation, pilates or Yoga Retreat? The beautifully manicured tropical garden provides an ideal setting for your holistic activities. And should the skies get cloudy, you can retreat indoors and continue your exercise in our event hall. 

Planning a Team Building getaway or a strategic braimstorming retreat? Our event hall provides the privacy and comfort needed to discuss your company's internal matters and come up with bright solutions. Hoping to strengthen the bond among the team members and boost their confidence through outdoor activities? The nearby Skytrex adventure park provides the perfect opportunity to conquer one's fear and push one's limits while climbing, crawling and gliding on various aerial obstacles suspended above the rainforest canopy. Or you could opt for a Robinson Crusoe experience, with your team spending the night on one of the many uninhabited islands of the Langkawi Archipelago. Whatever your particular vision, we will be happy to get you in touch with Langkawi-based companies that offer team building activities, and delighted to set up our event hall to meet your expectations.

With villas of different types and sizes, we are able to provide the privacy desired by the team leader or a retreat organizer as well as shared accommodation for 4-10 participants per villa to accommodate your preferences and budget. 

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